Have you ever found that normal music books start off easy, then quickly become difficult to follow?

“Music theory books tend to be cumbersome and complicated at best. Even the simplest of concepts can be made unnecessarily difficult with pretentious vocabulary.” -?New York music teacher Michael Miller

Well, music should be all about joy, don’t you think?

Hi – I’m Julia Amisano,

I’m an internationally trained classical singer and music teacher based in Brooklyn. I’ve been teaching music for over 11 years and I love sharing the joy of music. But I couldn’t find any music theory books that didn’t make learning music a chore, so I developed a method for learning to read music that my students love.

‘This book is great for young hands and adults alike. I wish I had this book when I was learning, however all of my students certainly will! I’d recommend this book to teacher or student, for a fun, easy way to teach or learn music!’ – Michael Miller, New York music teacher

Welcome to a fresh, new approach!?My Theory Book Grade 1 is great for beginners of all ages, from very young children (4-6 years of age) to grownups who have always wanted to learn to read and write music…

“Julia, I would not have been able to achieve my life changing aspiration without your guidance and this book that you have so eloquently and thoughtfully created. Understanding music theory has allowed me the opportunity to ascend beyond my wildest expectations.”?Matthew P. Dwyer, regular guy and songwriter

Discover how much fun learning music can be. Click the “Order Now” button below, and you’ll be on your way!?Enjoy! ? ? ?Julia 🙂

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